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A Fashion Emergency: My Experience


michaelaSometimes you can look at your clothes and have no idea what to wear.

by Michaela K. Bellisario from Milan

It’s a situation that I’ve been having more and more over the last few months and my wardrobe, despite being full was becoming a disaster and a real problem. This is especially concerning considering I’m over 40 and also the author of the book “Glam at 40”.

I needed help!

It was time to call a personal stylist. Luckily for me, I have a friend Samanta Pardini who is a very well known fashion stylist here in Milano. She regularly helps women like myself to de-clutter their wardrobes, separating the good, from the bad (and very bad) and to rediscover their love of fashion with simple tricks that don’t cost a fortune.


She’s completely transformed my closet and getting dressed to go out has became a pleasure again. She’s given me the confidence to look at my wardrobe in a different way and with her advice I was able to see amongst the mountain of clothes the outfits I could wear and to shop for the items I actually needed.

But my look wasn’t finished yet, I contacted Giorgia Pambianchi, an International make-up artist who has worked with all the big brands in Milan and Paris for some advice on make-up. She has tons of experience working inside the fashion world and she also knows what colours and styles suit particular faces.

Wake up – Make-Up

She gave me some great advice and showed me a few simple make-up techniques that not only save time, but transform my look completely. Without being too cruel, she told me I was making myself up like a panda and I wasn’t thinking about light. She suggested I use a lighter make up with smokey eyes. A new start deserved new make-up and Giorgia suggested a more professional kit from Mac Cosmetics. Ok, so it’s not so simple to apply make up to yourself, but the tricks I’ve learned from her having again give me more confidence and my make-up feels more natural now.

Hair Today – New Tomorrow

All that was needed now was a new hairstyle. By now I was in the mood for something completely different and asked my stylist Redy to completely change my look. We’re always looking for the perfect blonde colour – first, against his wishes I wanted a white blonde frozen look, but it just wasn’t me (by the way, not all experiments work). After this minor setback I took his advice and together we found a warmer honey colour, that just feels like ‘me’.

Here I am, on the red carpet: like a star. Finished!!

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