About Glam40

Getting to know Glam40

Glam40 is a book “Glam a 40 anni”, which will be published by Morellini editore in October 2016.

Glam40 is also an online fashion, beauty, health, wealth and happiness website that offers women in their 40s (and over) advice and tips on feeling good, looking great and being confident in a busy modern world. Featuring Exclusive Interviews with successful women, reviews, travel, news, fashion, style tips, competitions, great pics and much, much more, Glam40 is less of a website and more a way of life.


The content is written by a team of International Authors who work (mainly) in the fashion world and are based in London, Milan and Amsterdam.

Being stylish is a personal thing. Our ‘Glam Team’ can show you how to look gorgeous and sexy, but you also need faith in yourself.

A deep trust in our strengths is what makes us truly beautiful, so don’t worry about your wrinkles, nurture and feed your soul and the rest will come to you. Life is short, have fun with us!

Feeling Glam also means feeling comfortable on who you are now, and how you got to this most beautiful phase of your life. It’s about what makes your days friendlier, what makes you happy, what you find beautiful – a flower, a painting, a landscape, a jewel. It’s about emotions.

If you are interested in contributing to Glam40, we’d love to hear from you, email info@glam40.com

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