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How I got fit in my 40s with my daughter’s help


Doing sport has always been a struggle since my girls were little. Fighting trying to find the right time, the right mood, the right weather conditions… and the perfect excuse not to go.

vivi piccola

by Viviana Bellisario from Amsterdam

Most of the time I was even feeling guilty to ‘leave’ them (with their father…), fearing every kind of tragic scenarios that could possibly happen, yeah sure… Until I started to gain some weight and reached that point where you look at yourself in the mirror and think “what am I doing?”

…I started to run, just like that, no hassle, no time loosing in thinking which outfit to wear. As soon as I could, there I was.. ready at the front door. Running shoes, baseball cap, earphones, disco music. As soon I started to run outside, I felt that kick again, my body was saying “thank you” to my mind & soul. From one came the other, and I started to run 3 times a week for 5 km. My body was responding, my mind was serene, I was happier, and my children were happy because I was.

Going for a run was the only cure

When my daughter turned 12, she started playing Softball, team sport… great idea. Until she started to skip trainings, skip the games on Sundays, and starting feeling bored and demotivated. This is not the right spirit I thought to myself. I’ve decided to give her some time-out and invited her to think at what she would like to do.

I have been raised doing sport since young age, I knew from experience that sport is a must, period. I was going through a rough time at that moment of my life, going for a run was not as easy as it used to be. I felt disappointed at myself and angry, because I could not be an example for my children. I was struggling again.

I knew that going for a run was the only cure to pull myself back together, and yet, felt down on my lazy mind sets again. One day my daughter started to go to the fitness club with a girlfriend and her mom, she loved it, she felt live and kicking again, she liked the idea to try different machines and work on shaping her (premature) woman’s body.

There was only one thing: she was to young to go by herself, she should be always accompanied by an adult until she would turn 16.

That smile on my daughter’s face

Grrrr…… I thought, finally she found something and now, how are we gonna do this? The answer came from my daughter itself … “easy… you come with me”. As easy as it sounded, as surprised I found myself thinking… why I didn’t think at that before? It would force me to move on a regular basis again, and build up my condition and it would be our quality time too!! Bingo!

My daughter turned out to be very strict since then, she did really saved me…. That smile on her face looking at me while we run on the tapit roulant next to each other, that feels so rewarding! Now I have my daughter waiting for me at the front door after I come back from work, and all she says is “chop chop…. hurry up…” and there I go, like a child running after my daughter.


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