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«How I became a YouTube star at 68». Meet the English beauty Vlogger, Tricia Cusden, loved (also) by 40s women



When you have a positive attitude to life and learning, anything is possible.  Take Tricia Cusden, in 2013 she started her makeup brand + website ‘Look Fabulous Forever’ to inspire women just like her to be glamorous and fabulous. Since then, things have from strength to strength and her online make-up tutorials have turned Tricia into a bona fide YouTube star in her own right. Glam at 40 caught up with her to find out the secret of her success and hopefully pick up a few tips on the way…. Because she is loved also by the 40s.

What does it feel like to be a Youtube star at 68?

I love it! I was very dubious that many older women would be looking for makeup tutorials on You Tube, but I am happy to say I was wrong! Our business selling makeup specifically formulated for older women really took off as soon as our You Tube videos became popular.

You’re an inspiration to many women: Do you think it’s true to say that life starts at 60?

Yes, I believe that is absolutely true for me. Age is no barrier to success when you are older. In fact I would go so far as to say that I could not have started my business before now as it brings together everything I have learnt in my life to date.

What do women want at 60?

Most of the questions concern things like uneven skin tone – age spots, blemishes and dark under eye circles. We give advice on the best way to create smoother, more flawless skin with makeup. We also tell women about primers because they often don’t realise how wonderful they are. We have three – a face primer, an eye primer and a lip primer. All of them work brilliantly to keep makeup in place and ensure that you look fabulous for hours on end.

MakeUp_LFF_glam40 What are your best selling cosmetic products?

The Face Prime and the Brow Shape are two hero products. Both work brilliantly when you are older. The Face Prime feels like satin on the skin and make your whole face look better and it can be mixed with the Fabulous Base (foundation) to save time. The Brow Shape is perfect on older eyebrows which are often very pale and sparse. It creates a totally realistic effect which is subtle and adds wonderful definition.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?

I see a face which has lived for 68 years and which reflects the life I have lived. I have lots of laughter lines around my eyes and a little frown line from when I concentrate. None of my wrinkles or other imperfections bother me at all. It takes just 15 minutes to apply my ‘face’ – the LFF makeup products which will make me look fabulous!

Can you tell me your best make-up secret?

I have acne rosacea so I tend to get red patches either side of my nose. I also get spots in my T-zone – across my forehead and on my nose and chin. I know how to use the LFF Base and Conceal to disguise these imperfections so that very few people realise how bad my skin looks.

Do you have 5 beauty tips you share with the Glam at 40 readers?

1. Exfoliate regularly and apply moisture masks to remove dead skin cells and also increase hydration
2. Always use a moisturiser with a high SPF to give daily protection to the face from sun damage.
3. Eat a ‘rainbow’ of vegetables and fruit and include nuts. seeds and olive oil in your diet to nourish your skin.
4. Be positive about your ageing face -see that a face with a few ‘laughter lines’ can also be a beautiful face
5. Apply a blusher and lipstick every day to add colour and life to your face.

Approx 76 per cent of 55-75 year-olds go online daily: Do you have an advice to become popular on YouTube?

Make videos that your target group will want to watch! Think about what would interest you and your friends and if you have some expertise then think about making videos to share that knowledge and experience. You can make videos very cheaply using a computer at home and they are very easy to upload. If they are interesting you will slowly build an audience of subscribers who will share your videos with their friends.

What are your future plans?

miki 3

To continue to build Look Fabulous Forever to become a globally recognised brand so that LFF becomes the ‘go-to’ makeup brand for women over 50.

by Michaela K. Bellisario from Milan

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