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Mom please… be more Glam at 40!


“Mom please… be more glam! You look like a grandma”. This is how it starts. My teenager daughter looks at me like she sees the last witch on earth. What’s wrong am I asking… Is it so bad?

vivi piccola

by Viviana Bellisario from Amsterdam


In the meantime my youngest comes in the room like a train, and without even looking at me, she opens my closet and says “Mom. Today I am going to choose your clothes”.

And there I stand… feeling absolutely miserable in front of my (I must admit) well organized wardrobe. So much time, so much effort, twice a year I divide black with black, color with color, white next to cream, size L under the pile, size M on the top. In 50 seconds my bedroom is a complete chaos. Its 07.45 in the morning, my train goes at 08.47.

Angry and fedup

After 10 ‘no’ my youngest disappears, angry and fedup as I didn’t choose what she wanted. I start to sweat and look hopelessly towards my teenager daughter who seems very at ease and very busy trying to match my tiny Zara blouse with my black jeans, and of course high black heels as a perfect match to ‘her’ outfit….

You look like a grandma!

“Mom please… you’ve got to shop, you look like a grandma with those bon-ton ballerinas…. “.  Thank you very much!

have my look, casual, sexy but professional. I look gorgeous to my daughter, best compliment ever.  With one hand I am putting my (very) high heel shoe on (seriously? Do I see myself running to catch the train in a minute?). Exhausted I look at my baby thanking her for the huge effort and for taking such good care of her mom.

She turns her back on me, swipes her hair and says “I know, I’m cool…”


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