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Stealing (glam) mom’s clothes



As soon as I come back home from my trip to Milan, I don’t hear “we’ve missed you”, but “what have you bought?”. My daughters open my luggage even before I have the chance to say Hi…

by Viviana Bellisario from Amsterdam

My oldest graps my ‘very special’ green chanel screaming OMG repeatetly and jumping up & down through the room (I wish she could do that when she get’s a top grade for math!!). My youngest looks at me and says “oooh mama… seeexy!” looking at me with mischievous naughty eyes, making me feeling very naughty too… .

And why not? She is already wearing my new amazing heels 12, which I would have never bought if it wasn’t for my sister who bought them too! These scenes happens on a daily basis and it takes my weekly cleaning mood (if I have one), to discover that my LV bag is hidden under my daughters bed … (how dare she…), and that my Chanel mascara was sitting at the botton of my youngest daughter dolls basket.

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“Ooh… I was playing beautician with Josephine” (have you got any idea how much dolls I could have bought with that mascara???). But her little tiny adorable voice refrains me from saying such a horrible thing and I continue my cleanings. I walk to my sleeping room and surprise surprise… my oldest girl sneaky graps my (new) leather jacket… Got ya!

“Mom, I was wondering if I could borrow…”

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